Patterdale Puppies 2020


Both Mack and Tazzie have correct Patterdale temperament; good on/off switch, excellent working dogs, conformationally correct, Embark health and DNA certified....expecting some awesome puppies!!


Puppies left at 10 weeks; very bittersweet!  So sad to see them leave but happy for their new adventures!!

SUPER Happy with how these puppies are turning out; will have to spend the time and make a page for each of them as they achieve more and more titles; SO proud of the pups and to the dedicated owners who make the time to work these pups/invest their time and money....Thank you!!

"Rayven"6 months

From her owner Robi:  "Happy 6 month birthday to all the Patt pups.  Rayven is an awesome, fun filled goof ball kinda girl.  She loves all people and dogs.  She'd rather help me make a chicken dinner out of my hens with all her prey drive.  She works her little heart out with what ever I ask of her whether it is cuddling or hunting rats, and we just have FUN!!

Rayven just qualified for three more titles; this girl is on fire!!

First Title!!!

Red girl is now:  Oakleaf's Revved Up Rayven, UPAT, TL1 and UL1

Rayven lives with Holcomb family and has a girl of her own!!

Benny 6 months
From his owner Sean:  BENNY is 6moís today! ��. (Yay!)

'This little guy is quite the character. He loves being outdoors and as different this may be from the Patterdale breed, he is one of the most social dogs Iíve ever come across. He wants to run and hug every dog he sees. Unfortunately the world doesnít work like that and he finds that not every dog feels the same way, but his curiosity usually gets the best of him. I roll with it and call it the puppy years.

He tolerates our 8yr old and is very attached to Mary, my wife. He and I spend the most time together, as I work from home. I would say his favorite hobby is still eating.

We are looking forward to getting him to compete in some fashion and we also look forward to taking him back to Cathyís estate so he can run with his family again.'

-The Landeros Family.

Green Boy is now:  Oakleaf's Bring It On Benny
Benny lives with Landeros family and also has a girl of his own!

Hellcat 6 months
From her owner Chelsea:  "Hellcat has been the perfect addition to our family! She has been enthusiastic about everything I've introduced her to and everywhere we go people comment on what a happy puppy she is. I can't wait to see what she can accomplish in the months/years to come."

Pink girl is now:  Oakleaf's Hellcat Maggie, AWTA Novice & Open

Hellcat lives with Shafer family in Pennsylvania

So proud of Chelsea and Hellcat....she attended her first AWTA go to ground trial and titled in Novice and Open!!!  Good girl Hellcat & Chelsea!!

Pike 6 months
From his owner Perry:  "Ready, willing and able!"

Pike 4 Months

Blue Boy (nowOakleaf's/Matthew's Pike) has gone to Washington state with his owner Perry

7 week old pups
Blue Boy 6 weeks is available to working home; this boy is drivey!!!

6 week Pink Girl

6 week Red Girl

6 weeks Green Boy
6 week Green Boy

Pink Girl 5 weeks

Red Girl 5 weeks

Blue Boy 5 weeks

Green Boy 5 weeks

Yellow Boy 4 weeks (got new Green Collar)
Pink Girl 4 weeks
Orange Girl (who just got a Red Collar) 4 weeks

Blue Boy 4 weeks

Pink Girl 3 weeks

Orange Girl 3 weeks

Yellow Boy 3 weeks

Blue Boy 3 weeks

3 weeks

Pink Girl 2 weeks
Orange Girl 2 weeks
Yellow Boy 2 weeks
Blue Boy 2 weeks
Yellow Boy 4 days
Pink Girl 4 days

Blue Boy 4 days
Orange Girl 4 days

 This was the sideways puppy that prevented everyone from being born; reason for C section

 3 weeks to go!



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