February 9, 2019 Tara had a single Patterdale puppy via c section...puppy was large 9.8 oz and she was almost 10 so vet thought it best to do c section....Tara had a hard time recuperating.  Temperature was low, acted strange to pup like she didn't know what it was, did not get milk in....very stressful.  A person with a Jack Russell offered her as a surrogate since she had a singleton early that morning that was born dead....has worked well for the puppy and the mama Carley.  As of day 5 he weighs 12.8 oz!!!

January 11-13 2019  Signed up Patterdales for UKC California Classic in Woodland, CA....unfortunately Tsunami came in heat and pretty sure Tara pregnant and vet didn't want her racing so just Tazzie......amazing 3 days!!  She got 1st place in 6 steeple races, 1st place in five flat races and 1 second place in 1 flat race.  She pulled in 3 weightpulls and pulled maximum she is allowed to pull for UKC for two 20 pt pulls and one 15 pt pull.  She also received Most Weight Pulled Per Body Pound on Sunday.  I entered her in conformation Sunday to try and get a Total Dog and she placed 2nd in group....shocked as she has not been in a show since last January 2018 and was way too interested in what was going on at racing!!  Definitely following in Mama Tara's pawprints.....VERY proud of was a BUSY weekend!!

November 2-4 2018 Tazzie and I flew to Albuquerque, New Mexico for another UKC Nosework Trial....definitely not our best trial but completed her Superior Container title, finished her Advanced vehicles and got her Advanced vehicle title, passed one leg of Master container, and second leg of Superior Exterior for her Superior Exterior title and got her PTM title and her PTE for vetiver and myrrh odors.

October 27-28 2018 Flew with Tiago and Tazzie to Vancouver, WA for a UKC Nosework trial....dogs did very well  with searches as fast as 9 seconds.  Tiago finished his Novice Nosework title, passed one leg of Advanced Vehicles, Advanced Containers and Advanced Interior.....Tazzie passed her Pre Trial Master, and also passed one leg of Superior  Exterior, Superior Containers and Superior Interior....GOOD girl!!!  Heading to New Mexico with Tazzie on November 1 2018 for more UKC Nosework!! 

October 6-7 2018 Tazzie and I flew to New Mexico for a UKC Nosework trial..she passed Superior Interior two legs for her Superior Interior title, she passed Advanced Vehicles one leg, Advance containers two legs for her Advanced Container title, and both legs of Advanced Exterior and got Advanced Exterior title. 

Sept 27-29 2018 Took Tara and Tazzie to Splash Dog Dock Diving Nationals.... had Tazzie practice since she had only jumped once before and she loved it!  Entered Tara in Lap Dog Pro Division for Nationals and she won her division and had the longest jump of Lap Dogs (dogs under 15 inches tall)....she has not jumped for a couple years and had a blast....LOTS of fun!!

Sept 15, 2018 Took Tsunami to the NACSW Odor Recognition Test and she passed all three odors; birch, anise and clove....GOOD GIRL!!

 July and August 2018 having shoulder replaced and having a femoral hernia fixed so no training or competitions.  Two nosework competitions in October....YAY!!!

June 16 & 17 2018 Nadia trialed in NACSW NW3 in Reno but did not pass all elements....very distracted so will try a couple different training methods; only 7 out of 38 passed....Tiago did very well at NW2 and got his NACSW NW2 title....very focused today and got a second place in 2 Interior rooms....only 11 dogs passed out of 38 trialing!!

June 1, 2018 Today is the ultrasound to see if Tara pregnant!!!  Unfortunately litter was absorbed by June 9th so no puppies :(

May 20, 2018 Tara trialed with NACSW Nosework Elite in Meadow Vista and accumulated more points toward her Elite 2 title.

May 5, 2018 Tara had surgical insemination with two Sires....CMC's Mighty Mack of Dodgion AND CMC's Heavy first dual sired litter attempt!

April 24, 2018  BOTH Tara and Tazzie have come in heat....exact same day!!  Planning on breeding Tara for her final litter!

April 19-21 2018 Tara, Tazzie and I went to Hutto Texas for UKC Nosework trial.....alot of fun and Tazzie completed her Novice Exterior, got her UKC Novice Nosework  and got 2 qualifing runs in Advanced Interior....she came home with 3 new titles!!  Especially proud of Tara also coming home with Elite Exterior, Elite Interior and finishing her UKC Elite Nosework title....tough trial and found out Tara loves cookies as distractors!!  Have trained her to leave meat, cheese, crackers, etc....but apparently NOT cookies....still passed and very proud of her!!!

March 31, 2018 Tara and I went to Auburn, WA for UKC Elite....tough trial!!!  A few of the elements no dogs passed...Tara got a first place and High in Trial for a Elite Exterior (only 2 dogs passed).....we did not pass our Interior.  Also took Tara off cheque drops so hoping to breed her so she will have her third and final litter

March 4, 2018  Tazzie got into the Weimar NACSW trial for Nosework 1.  We had been on a wait list and because of weather many people cancelled...YAY and she passed all four elements with good times....proud of baby dog!!

February 17, 2018  Tiago and I flew to Seattle, WA to attend a UKC Nosework trial....we passed three elements and Tiago got 2nd place in vehicles and containers, 1st place in interiors and a High in Trial......I read him wrong and called too soon on the exterior....DARN and he only needed 1 exterior to pass his Nosework 1 title....have to wait for another trial!

January 12-14 2017 Took Tara, Tazzie and Tsunami to California Classic in Bakersfield.  Dogs had so much fun...Tara got 3 Best of Breed and won all her Champion Flat and Steeple races.  Tazzie got 2 Best of Breed, 1 Reserve Best in Show, got her UWP weightpull title and 3 first place awards for pulling 22x her weight and her UFA and USA racing titles....Tsunami got 1 Best of Breed and her UFA and USA racing titles.  All dogs got racing points toward next title but I have no idea how many or how they keep track of them!!

December 15, 2017  Devastated to report that Tyrone died....he and Tara got down a skunk hole between 2 large rocks...Tara was behind him and he could not back up....I could barely grab the end of her tail but finally grabbed her and drug her out.  I could not reach Tyrone as he was about 4 ft. down and the skunk kept spraying.  I screamed for my daughter and son in law to help me try to pull him out; time was of the essense as dogs can't breath down in a skunk hole and it killed him in about 10 mins....HORRIBLE!!  My friend Jeanne came and had to dig dirt out under him in order to drag him out....this was too much after losing Tovah 6 weeks ago.  Both were the sweetest dogs and will be missed beyond explanation.  This is the main reason I don't hunt my dogs and it happened on my property.  I boarded up the hole and check my property everyday to be sure more don't very very sad.  It has been tough!!!

December 7-11, 2017 I took Tara and Tazzie to Hutto, Texas for UKC Nosework trials; first trial for Tazzie!  Tazzie came home with 3 Pre trials titles, a Novice Vehicles, Novice Interior and Novice Container....was too distracted first day and did not pass Exteriors.  Tara finished her Master Exterior title, Master Nosework title, a Pre Trial for Elite and got a Elite Vehicles title and Elite Container title....very happy with both girls and they both traveled very well!!

November 24, 2017 Tara completed her L1Exterior title in Orangevale (2nd out of 34 dogs!)

November 18, 2017 had two AWTA trials on my property (go to ground for terriers) and Tyrone completed Novice B and went on and completed Open, Tazzie had already completed her Novice B at a previous trial so completed Open and Certificate of Gameness.  Tara had a awesome day and is FIRST dog in AWTA to complete her Advanced Certificate of Gameness and was chosen as Top Performance Terrier....very proud of the terriers!!!

November 11, 2017 Tiago completed his NACSW Nosework 1 title in Orangevale....good boy!!

October 30, 2017 came to be one of my saddest days....I lost my beloved Tovah and vets can't tell me why.  I went to pick my granddaughter up from school and was gone 60 mins....all 4 Patterdales were in a chainlink paddock which they have gone in many times.  Came home to her almost non responsive, temperature of 105 and rushed to ER...they treated her for shock and lowered her temperature and said they wanted to keep her overnight to be sure she was stable....came home about 2 hrs. later and they called and said her heart stopped....have no idea why!  It has been heartbreaking; she was the sweetest dog and definitely following in her Mother's footsteps.  She will be greatly missed by many....RIP Tovah; I love you!!

October 22, 2017 had a fun weekend as Debbie and I went to Universal Studios and then Tovah competed in four Level 3 Interior trials....she did well and found all hides!!  Fun weekend!!  Now a little break in competitions until Tiago does his on November 11th!

 October 14, 2017 Tovah and I competed in NACSW Level 3 Nosework trial in Burbank....proud of Tovah even though we did not title....she found 9 out of 10 hides....we missed one on a vehicle but she did very well!

October 7 - 8, 2017 Took Tara and Nadia to Sierra Sniffing Dogs NACSW event.  Tara completed her Level 2 Container title and Nadia completed her Level 1 Interior title.  Each title consisted of four different searches....proud of both girls!

Sept 15-18, 2017  Flew to Portland, Oregon with Tiago and my friend Debbie to attend a UKC Nosework 1 trial.  Tiago's first trial and he did really well....3 minutes was allowed in all searches and all his times were under 1 minute and fastest was 10 a first, two thirds and a fourth out of 27 dogs...good boy!!!  Qualified for half his title!

Sept 9-11 Flew to Minnesota with Tara to compete in NACSW Elite trial at a hockey arena and stayed with my good friends, Mark and Irina in Wisconsin....had a great time and trial was VERY challenging.  Tara picked up 66 more points so now needs about 36 points to get her Elite 1 title.  Placed 2nd in containers.....still working on reading her with those super high hides and the unaccessible ones!!  She also completed her Level 2 Interiors and  Level 2 Vehicles so now has 69 titles!!

July 27, 2017 Took all Patterdales to State Fair to try dock diving....they LOVED it.....each placed in their division...Tsu-nami also went and went to the Finals on Sunday and finished 4th...good girl!  I had a Andrew Ramsey seminar at my house Sunday so did not go back to dock diving Sunday.

July 22, 2017 Tovah and I went to NACSW Nosework trial in Creswell, Oregon....Tovah got her NACSW Nosework 3 of 7 dogs out of 30 who qualified....she did the trial very well; very proud of her!!!  Need two more qualifying Nosework 3 trial to get her Elite title!!

July 7, 2017 Tovah and I went to Vancouver WA to a UKC Nosework trial....Tovah finished her Superior Level and came home with 4 titles....onward to Masters!!

July 2, 2017 Tara and Tovah both qualified for their Novice Trick Dog titles and Tovah got a day!

June 25, 2017 Tara and I traveled to Grants Pass, OR because she was the last one on a wait list to get into a NACSW Elite trial on Sunday.....very good experience and 29 hides in four searches.....learned to "trust my dog" as she was correct on some that I did not call because they were 6 ft. high and she could not reach....can't wait to do another....alot of fun!!!!  She picked up 47 points toward her title....good girl!!!

June 17, 2017 Nadia competed in her first NACSW Nosework Level 2 trial in Weimar with tough 100+ degree weather and passed all four elements....she placed 9th out of 37 dogs....very happy with Nadia...she is the first Presa to qualify for the Nosework 2 title!!!....very very hot day!!

May 26 -28 2017  Well it was quite the experience traveling from Sacramento Airport to St. Louis, Missouri on the plane with 3 adults and 5 Patterdales to attend the Missouri Earth Dog event; I'm pretty sure the largest terrier event in the US.  Fun time except when we got evacuated for a tornado sighting!!  Because of weather could not do the Muskrat Racing which is Tara's favorite but pups had fun learning all the fun events.  Very proud of pups traveling and having to stay in Sherpa bags for about 9 hours!  Not our best year but had alot of fun!
Tara - Flat Racing 3rd, Hurdle Racing 2nd, Matched Pairs 1st Tara/Tovah.....Veteran Conformation 1st, Reserve Best Open Colored Bitch, Barn Hunt Veteran 5th, Flat Racing 4th (Sunday), Hurdles 2nd, Lure Coursing 4th and Thunder Tunnel Veteran 2nd
Tovah Matched Pairs 1st Tovah andTara
Carter Hurdle Racing 3rd, Matched Pairs Carter/Tyrone, Suitability to Coon 3rd, Open Conformation 2nd and Reserve Best Male, Flat Racing Sunday 4th, Hurdles 3rd and Lure Coursing 6th
Tyrone Matched Pairs Tyrone/Carter, Bred by Conformation 2nd, Hurdles 5th, Thunder Tunnel 3rd
Tazzie Bred by Conformation (bitch) 1st, Flat Racing 6th

May 21, 2017  Fun day for the Patterdales at the Terrier Derby....first experience at wearing muzzles, being put in a racing box and racing.....did really well for their first time and Tyrone was the fastest of the Patterdales....Mama Tara won the Veterans Best in Show and Best in Show.....some happy tired Patterdales on the way home!!

March 25, 2016 Tara and I attended the Sniffing Dog Sport trial in Orangevale.....container search, area search and distractions....Tara finished all three....2nd in distractions and 3rd in trial overall.....33 dogs.  She was in heat and had to wear panties and run last and was not concerned at all....good girl!!!

April 1, 2017 Tiago attended NACSW Odor Recognition Test....he had already passed Birch and Clove and only needed Anise....passed with flying to find a Nosework 1 trial for him!!!

March 25, 2017 Tara attended the Sniffing Dog Sport trial in Orangevale....she did well and placed 3rd overall in the Advanced level out of 29 dogs

 March 5, 2017 Tovah and I flew to Las Vegas to attend her first NACSW NW3 trial.....she did awesome despite 60 mph winds and unfortunately did not qualify in Exteriors.....wind, debris and dirt flying everywhere but she got a pronounced in Interiors and passed Vehicles and containers....she did very well for her first Level 3 and all the wind....good girl Tovah!!!

March 3. 2017  Tara and I attended the NACSW NW3 trial in Citrus Heights put on by Hautedawgs....AWESOME day!!  Tara was 1 of 7 dogs who completed the trial correctly and qualified for her third NACSW NW3 title and her Elite title....VERY VERY proud of Tara.

 February 18-19 2017 Tara and I went to UKC Trial in Auburn, Washington to compete in Master Nosework.  Tara qualified for her Master Container, Master Vehicle and Master Interior titles.  Sunday she was the only dog to complete all four elements correctly and got a First Place and a High in Trial....only needs 1 more Master Exterior to complete her Master Nosework title!!  Glad we have practiced in the rain!!

January 27-29, 2017:  Tara, Tovah and I went to a UKC Nosework trial in New Mexico.....awesome weekend despite 16 degree weather and wind.  Very proud of both girls as Tara came home with 4 High in Trials, and 5 new titles and Tovah also got a High in Trial and 3 new titles.....thanks Sue Olds-Best for working Tovah!!!

December 16-19, 2016:  Tara, Tovah and I went to Hutto, Texas to compete in 8 trials each of nosework.....Tovah was very successful and obtained 5 titles despite trialing in pouring rain and many first place ribbons....Tara was off and decided it was more fun to hunt for critters and pee during the vehicle search so only came home with 1 title....her daughter is definitely showing her up!!!

December 11, 2016 Tazzie, Tyrone and Carter's first UKC conformation show in Elverta, CA.  Tazzie and Tyrone qualified for their Show Champion title....Carter's owner was not there and he was very silly!
November 12, 2016: Took Tara, Tovah and Tiago to race 200 yard sprint race in Dixon....they had so much fun.....Tiago won all three of his races despite gettting rammed by a competitor dog.  Tazi and Tyrone got to practice again....Both Tazi and Tyrone LOVE racing.

November 5, 2016:  Nadia attended a NACSW Odor Recognition and passed all three she can compete at NACSW trials!!

November 5, 2016:  Had a AWTA Go to Ground trial at my house.....I was not able to attend as I was at a NACSW Odor Recognition test with Nadia.  I had two friends who worked all my Patterdales....Tara and Tovah qualified for another leg toward their Certificate Class Advanced (Tara received a ....Tazi qualified for Novice A and worked the Open tunnel for only 45 secs of the needed 60 secs....very proud of her and Tyrone needs more practice.

October 15/16 2016:  Tara and Tovah attended a NACSW trial in Reno, Nevada.....both did well but Tara did not pass the NW3 because of my mistake.  One of the three interiors was a blank room and she did not alert on odor but was sniffing a distraction behind a chair and after the 30 sec call I incorrectly called "Alert" even though she was only sniffing and not alerting!!  She did well on the other elements....Tovah did well and passed NW2 and received her title and was 7th overall with 34 dogs....very proud of her; she has a great nose!!

April 5, 2016 Tiago and I flew out to Red Star Kennel....he is going to stay with Irina and will learn manners, obedience, some retrieves and possibly some was hard to leave him but it will be good for him and easier on my shoulders to have Irina do the work; besides she is a awesome trainer!

April 2, 2016 Tara and I went back to Centralia, WA to attend a NACSW Level 3 nosework trial.  Poor Tara is suffering from morning sickness....was sick when we first arrived, all day Saturday and on the way home....finally started feeling better Monday.....she passed 3 of the 4 elements and I messed up on the containers.....there was one odor which she alerted on and I was sure there must be more on a Level 3 and asked her to keep looking....she sniffed (but did not alert) a bag and I called it....she was correct and I was not but she got two nice Element ribbons for Interior and Vehicles.

March 20, 2016 Tiago attended his first NACSW Odor Recognition in Newcastle, CA....he took 3 tests and passed Birch and Clove; did not pass Anise....more work to do but happy he got what he can attend Level 1 Nosework trials

March 12 & 13, 2016:   Took Tara and Tovah to Auburn, Washington for a UKC Nosework trial.....conditions were crazy with 50 mph wind and rain to match!!  Tovah did complete her Novice Nosework title and got one leg toward her Advanced.  Tara completed her Advanced Nosework title and also got one leg toward Superior.....learned alot and I made some mistakes but definitely worth attending.

December 12 2015  Crazy rainy weather so UKC show was cancelled Sunday December 13th....Tsu took one Best of Breed and Tovah took the other Best of Breed.....all four Presa brothers were there and Atlas took Best of Breed and then Tyson took Best of Breed; proud of all of them!!  The boys were so good in the ring!

November 20-23 2015  Took Tara and Tovah to Hutto, Texas for 8 UKC Nosework trials....dogs had a blast despite very strong winds and some rain.  Tara took home PTN, PTA, PTS, AI, AV and AE titles and got 3 of 4 legs toward her Advanced Nosework title.....Tovah took home a PTN, PTA, PTS, NE, NC and NV and also got 3 of 4 legs toward her Novice Nosework title....lots of fun and very proud of these girls!!

August 22-23 2015 Attended UKC Conformation show at Gibson Ranch....Tovah took Best of Breed all four shows and got her Grand Champion title, Tiago took two Best of Breeds for Presas, Tyson took one Best of Breed and Brutus finished up with a Best of Breed....all dogs behaved beautifully!!

August 8 2015 Took Teja to Creswell, Oregon to compete in NACSW....she completed all four elements and obtained her NACSW NW1 title; first Presa to title with NACSW!

July 18, 2015 Tara trialed with NACSW and obtained her NW2 title....she had four elements; one container, one interior, one exterior and 4 vehicles....she does enjoy Nosework!

July 11, 2015 Tovah and I attended a Sporting Detection Dog Association trial in Santa Rosa....there were three elements; one container search, one interior search and a 3 vehicle search...Tovah did well with a new scent "Wintergreen" and obtained her title and a special (like pronounced) goes on the title since all three elements were passed on one day.  Very proud of Tovah!!

December 12-14 2014.....took Tovah and Tsu-nami to a UKC Conformation Show in Elverta....both girls finished their Champion title. Tovah took Breed 3 of the shows and Tsu took Breed 2 of the shows....enough to get on the Top 10 list!!

November 23, 2014....Tara, Tovah, Vila and Teja all competed in a Barn Hunt trial.....Tara was out of control and held on to the 4th rat tube and would not let go....had to spray vinegar in her mouth to get her off the rat tube :(  not good!!  Tovah did great and got one leg of her RATN (32 secs!)...Vila got a 1st in Open (her second qualifying leg) and High in Class and Teja got a 1st in Senior (her first qualifying leg) and a High in Class....very proud of the Presas!!!

November 22, 2014 An American Working Terrier Association trial was held at my house in the rain.  Tovah and Tara were two of three dogs that qualified.  It was Tovah's first go to ground trial and she received her Novice A title.  Tara received another Certificate of Gameness ( AWTA has a new level in which you must get 5 Certificate of Gameness for a Advanced title). Proud of the Patterdale girls!!

November 3, 2014 My beloved 10 month old Patterdale, Terror's Taz Maniac of Oakleaf, died of a Addison's crisis sympthoms.  He started vomiting Saturday night and again 4 am Sunday and 7 am Sunday....I ran him to emergency vet and they thought he was dehydrated and put him on a IV.....Sunday night he was not any better and his potassium, glucose and sodium was all out of wack and the IV was not stabilizing him.  Emergency vet decided to run a Addison's test on him early Monday afternoon and when I visited him....he was not any better and I was very worried.....I went home and vet called at 3 pm and said they thought he was failing and I needed to come back down.....he passed at 4 pm.....I was/am devastated....such a young pup with so much potential.....he was exactly what I hoped Tara and Mack would produce....he loved everyone and loved everything I showed him.  He was already a National Champion with the Patterdale Club, had received two Best in Show awards, a UKC Champion and three qualifying wins toward his Grand Champion title.  He loved to race and was ready to compete in Go to Ground, Barn Hunt and Nosework.....he was a awesome awesome boy and I miss him terribly......RIP My Taz .....many people loved you!!!

October 24-26, 2014   All three Patterdales attended Gateway Nationals at Gray Summit, Missouri.  There were six shows and Taz got Best of Breed at 3 shows and Tara got Best of Breed at two shows.....put Taz in first place for UKC Top 10 fun trip except my main reason to go was to race Tara and try and pick up some Grand Champion racing points.....she came in heat the first night we arrived in Missouri so no racing for her....I was very disappointed but the trip was fun and saw a lot of show buddies I don't often see!

September 27, 2014  Patterdale Nationals in Ruskin, Florida....took Tara, Taz and Tovah and they had a blast.  Lots of Patterdales and lots of fun.  Taz was PTCA National Champion and Best in Show and PTCA National Puppy Champion.  See their pages for all their placements.

August 23 & 24 2014....took Patterdale puppies to their first UKC show in Elverta, CA.    Awesome weekend for Taz as he got a Best in Show,  Four Best of Breed, Two Group 1, One Group 2 and One Group 3.  Tovah got two Best Female and Tsu got two Best Female.....very proud of the pups!!!  Also this put Taz as Number 3 on the UKC Top Ten List!!!

July 31, 2014  Tsunami attended her first Barn Hunt and got a qualifying leg......second trial end of August!!

May 25 - 27  2014....Awesome weekend in Gray Summit, Missouri with the Missouri Earthdogs....Tara received the Virtual Terrier Award (highest score for lure coursing, go to ground, barn hunt and the thunder tunnel).  It was the first year this was awarded and was too big to bring home.   She received the Champion Muskrat Racing Award, Champion Racing for both racing events for colored terriers, 1st place bitch Colored Terriers......we had so much fun and will definitely go back next year!

April 26 - 27, 2014.....Fun weekend in Lathrop.  Very proud of Tara....she received the remaining two qualifying legs of her Rally 2, one qualifying leg for her Rally 3 and a Total Dog award.  Unfortunately Nadia ran around the jump TWICE so did not get any qualifying scores for Obedience but she did get a Group 1 and a Best in Show....was hoping for a Total Dog also but since the obedience was a no score that didn't happen :(

March 21-23, 2014 - Crazy busy weekend....Tara qualified for her UWPCHX title, received her RATO with a first place and High in Trial, got two Best of Breed and two Total Dog awards.  Nadia finally finished her RATN title but because of a cut pad could not show or weightpull.  Teja pulled, got two Best of Breeds and her RATO title with two first place awards.  Vila got one leg in RATO.....very very good weekend!!

March 1 - 2, 2014 I attended a Barn Hunt event in Rancho Murietta.  Vila finished her RATN, Teja got a qualifying leg in Open, unfortunately Nadia peed twice on the hay bales :( and Tara received her second qualifying leg in Open.

December 31, 2013 Tara had six puppies; all healthy and fat!!  Four girls and two boys.....Tara is getting fed 5 times a day and eating 30-35 oz. raw per day!!!!

November & December 2013..... I attended four Barn Hunt events with Tara, Vila, Teja and Nadia....all dogs received their RATI certificate, Tara and Teja got their RATN titles and went on to compete in RATO.  Teja was the first Presa to get the RATN title.  Nadia and Vila each need one more qualifying score to get their RATN titles

October 30 - November 5, 2013 Tara and I flew to Arizona and Tara was bred to CMC's Mighty Mack of Dodgion.....expecting puppies beginning of January 2014!

Oct 4-6 went to APBT Nationals in Ontario, addition to the Nationals there were 5 UKC conformation shows, weightpull and obedience.  Teja pulled 2300 lbs. on rail and won two Best of Breeds and a Group 1.  Vila finished her UCD and Tara got one leg of her Rally 2 and Nadia received three Best of Breed, two Group 1 and two Reserve Best in Show in addition to her Rally 1 title....very proud of the girls!!
June and July was spent going to Folsom Splash Dogs, Reno Splash Dogs and the California State Fair....Teja got her Novice Jumper and Ch Novice Jumper titles, Nadia got her Novice Jumper Title and CH Novice Jumper titles and Tara finished her Grand Champion Junior Jumper weather and the dogs enjoyed it!!
May 15, 16 & 17, 2013:  UKC show on my property....Tara picked up 40 more weightpull points toward her UWPCHX title....only 45 more to go!!!  She got Best of Breed two shows, Nadia received a Best in Show and two Best of Breed, Teja received a Best of Breed and Nico received a Best of Breed .
May 9, 10 & 11, 2013:  Tara and I flew to Virginia to compete in 6 conformation shows, 3 weightpulls and 12 terrier races.  Tara received 3 Group 1s and 3 Group 2s, received 55 pts. in weightpull towards her UWPCHX and pulled 35x her weight and completed her Flat Racing Championship and Steeple Racing but exhausting three days......Best part was when Tara received the Best Total Dog award!!!!!!!!!  Then drove to Maryland to check on some Presa stud dogs for 2 1/2 days.

April 27 & 28, 2013:  What a awesome fun weekend but exhausting!! Tara was the only dog to successfully complete the AWTA go to ground and qualified for the last leg of her (unofficial Den Dog II); she had the fastest time in the Rat Hunt....found 3 rats in 1.06 minutes......Nadia had a excellent weekend receiving 2 Best of Breeds, two Group 1s and her first Best in Show......time to relax this week especially since it is gonna be in 90s!! Thanks to Crystal Muller for showing Nadia since I can't run yet; she did a excellent job showing Nadia!
Nov. 11, 2012 was the All Breed Lure Racing in Roseville.  It was Nadia's first time to race and she had so much fun once she realized what it was all about.  Finished first in all three of her races!
Nov. 10, 2012 was the Splash Dog Nationals....cold day and cold water but Tara had a blast.  She finished 3rd with a 13 ft. 4" jump.....FUN Day!
Nov. 3 & 4, 2012 was a great weekend.  Four UKC conformation shows were held on my property and Nadia was "smokin hot".....she won four Best of Breeds, two Group 2, two Group 4, picked up 12 Top Ten points and finished her Grand Championship.  Two UKC Den Dog Trials were run and Tara was the only terrier to pass two Den Dog II.  We had lots of terriers and Tara received two more Certificate of Gameness!! 
Sept. 8 & 9, 2012 I attended a UKC show in Galt, CA.....first of all THANKS! to my friends who helped me and showed a couple of my dogs since I couldn't.  Vila won one Best of Breed and Nadia won three Best of Breeds and a Group 1 to give her 3 Grand Champion points.  She did very well; especially having to be shown by people she had never seen!
June 10, 2012 Tara and I attended the Splash Dogs Dock Diving event in Folsom, CA.  It was very hot and alot of dogs.  Tara jumped her personal best with Splash Dogs of 15 ft. 2 inches and she was the over all winner of the Lap Dog thing to do in almost 100 degree weather!
June 9, 2012 Tara and I attended the Small Dog Bonanza at Performance Dogs in Action in Pleasant Grove, CA.  Events included terrier racing (Tara won the race off), did go to ground and she completed four levels of Barn Hunt.  The final level consisted of finding four rats hidden in a large area; there was also rat bedding and empty cages.   She did find one of the rats in the Level 2; and killed the rat in the holding cage...GOOD girl!  She got to finish the day by Dock Diving at the event....FUN FUN day!!
April 28 & 29, 2012 I hosted a large UKC Conformation show, weight pull, rally, obedience, terrier races and a probationary Den Dog trial in addition to a American Working Terrier Den Trial.  We also had a West Coast Patterdale Regional.  There were ALOT of people and our club members and their dogs did very well! 
Nadia achieved her UKC Champion title, Vila finished her Rally 1 title and got a Best of Breed and a Group 3 with 6 Top Ten Points, Teja finished her Rally 1 title, and got two Best of Breeds and 12 Top Ten Points, Nico received a Best of Breed and 6 Top Ten Points.....Tara was the only terrier to complete the Den Dog 1 go to ground, and received the Top Performance Patterdale award 
November 4, 2011 Teja had three puppies (that survived)......I have enjoyed the puppies so much and was sad to have them leave, but happy they have all gone to great homes and will be raw fed!
October 2011 Tara, Amy Peterson and I went to UKC Gateway Nationals in Gray Summit, Missouri and Tara obtained her UKC Super Dog Title after completing her CD, Rally and Agility titles (she already had her Conformation and Weightpull) proud of her and thanks to Amy for helping me trial Tara!
March 5, 2011 Tara and I went to Florida to attend the Patterdale Fest, about 45 Patterdales showed up, had fun participating in conformation, flat racing, steeple, racing, go to ground and a barn hunt.  Third time Tara received Champion of Champions, Champion Flat Racer, Champion Steeple Racer, Champion Go to Ground and Reserve Best in Show....had fun seeing Florida!! 
Nov. 6, 2010:  Took Vila and Teja to the SDA Trial in Oroville, CA.  Despite MANY errors on my part, proud to say both girls got their SDA Protection 1 titles.  Had to pass obedience and protection.
October 29-31, 2010:  Took Tara to UKC Gateway Nationals in Gray Summit, Missouri.  Tara had a blast and participated in 5 dock diving events.

Life is not measured by the number of breathes you take but by the number of moments that take your breath away!"

No Chained Dogs!!

I wish someone could tell me what it is that I've done wrong, Why I have to stay chained up and left alone so long.

They seemed so glad to have me when I came here as a pup. There were so many things we'd do while I was growing up.

They couldn't wait to train me as a companion and as friend. They told me they would never fear being left alone again.

The children said they'd feed me, said they'd brush me every day, they'd play with me and walk me, if only I could stay.

But now the family hasn't time. They often say I shed. They wont allow me in the house, not even to be fed.

The children never walk me. They always say, "Not Now!" I wish that I could please them. Won't someone tell me how?

All I have is love, you see, I wish they would explain, why they said they wanted me then left me on a chain.

 The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step



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