JMA Matthew's Mack
Sire: JMA's Apollo
Dam: JMA Matthew's Terra
Whelped: 9/19/2018
Embark Health Testing Complete and 0 conditions found!!!!

Achievements:    First titles are North American Sport Dog Association Trail and Locate 1 and Urban Locate 1....he had so much fun and two High in Trial. 2020 Best of Breed Trailing & Locating 1 and 2020 Urban Locating 1

Mack arrived in USA from UK Sept 11, 2020 safely!!  He settled in great and was bred to Tazzie; (puppies born December 8, 2020)....he has only been hunted on fox in UK so has lots to learn.....will socialize and introduce lots of things to see what Mack likes!!  So far Mack has started nosework, obedience, racing, go to ground and bitework and LOVES it all!!



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       JMA's Apollo



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         JMA's Dillon
         JMA's Jezebel
     JMA's Artemis          JMA's Creed
         JMA's Maverick


       JMA Matthew's Terra

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          JMA's Flicker
     JMA's Artemis           JMA's Creed
          JMA's Maverick




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