Oakleaf's Limited Edition Titan
Sire:  CMC's Heavy Metal
Dam: CMC Tara the Terror of Oakleaf
Whelped: February 9, 2019
Eye cert & hips info


Titan has recently gone to New Hampshire to start a new career as a bed bug/rat detection dog.....he was very much "over the top" and needed a full time job and I am very thankful for this opportunity and to Monique for training him......I think he will be very happy having a job.  I will miss him VERY much but it is the best decision for him......I will share updates when he starts his career!!!

 Best Working Dog at Patterdale Nationals June 12, 2022
3 yrs.
9 months

5 months old


UKC: Advanced Container, Advanced Exterior, Advanced Vehicles, Superior Vehicles, Superior Container and 1 High in Trial, Novice Exterior Nosework, Novice Container Nosework, Novice Vehicle Nosework, (passed all three Odor Recognition tests for Birch, Anise and Clove) UKC Steeple Race Aptitude, UKC Flat Race Aptitude

NASDA: (North American Sport Dog Association)  Urban Locating I, II & III, Urban Locating II Excellent, Urban Locating III , Urban Locating III Excellent, TPAT (Trail & Locating Puppy Apptitude Test) Trailing & Locating 1, II, & III   2019 Best of Breed for Urban Locating 1, 2020 Best of Breed Trailing and Locating II, 2020 Best of Breed for Urban Locating II, Lost Item 1 & 2, Shed Dog 1, Trailing Brace 1 & 2, Versatile Locating Silver, Versatile Bronze, and Supreme Versatility Bronze

AWTA:  AWTA Novice, Open and Certificate of Gameness (5)

NACSW: NW1 and NW2

PTCA:  Best Working Dog June 12, 2022

AKC: Farm Dog

37 Titles at 3 years old as of December 2022


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             CMC'S Heavy Metal



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