JMA Matthew's Eye of the Eagle


Sire:  JMA Matthew's Pika Chu
Dam:  JMA Matthew's Poppy
Whelped:  January 18, 2022
Embark tested

Talon 1 year

Talon 9 months

North American Sport Dog Association:   Supreme Versatility Bronze, Brace 1, Urban Locating 1 & 2, Trailing & Locating 1 &2, Shed Dog 1 (and several High in Trial),Lost Item 1 & 2, Lost Item Recovery Puppy Aptitude Test, Shed Puppy Aptitude Test, Trailing Puppy Aptitude Test and Urban Puppy Aptitude Test, 2022 NASDA #1 Patterdale Terrier Lost Item 1, NASDA #2 Patterdale Trailing & Locating 1, NASDA #3 Patterdale Shed Dog 1 and NASDA #3 Patterdale Urban Locating 1

AWTA:  Novice, Open and 2 Certificate of Gameness

NACSW:  Nosework 1 title and 1st in Interiors!

21 Titles at 1 year


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

             JMA Matthew's Pika Chu



          JMA Matthew's Mack

                            JMA's Apollo
                    JMA Matthew's Terra
            JMA Matthew's Ava                     JMA Matthew's Mack
                 JMA Matthew's Maggie


             JMA Matthew's Poppy

                  Booth's Micky                          Edward's Clint
                           Booth's Eva
                JMA's Raven                   JMA's Jake HOF
                         JMA's Cassie

 Talon Photos 



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