Tiago's on Fire de Oakleaf
Sire:  Oakleaf's Nico de IPK
Dam:   Mangobull's Naughty Nadia
Whelped: 12/23/2014
Pennhip .22 and .23

20 months old


Tiago 12 months

10 months

      6 months


Achievements: UKC Champion, United Weight Puller, Urban Locating l, Trailing & Locating 1, UKC NC, NI, NV, PTN, PTA and PTS, One leg of Advanced Vehicles, Advanced Containers and Advanced Interiors,  Novice Nosework Title,  Novice Exterior, Novice Containers, Novice Vehicles, Novice Interior, Iron Dog International Temperament Test and SPOT ON



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

  Oakleaf's Nico de IPK



 Casa La Luna Rafa

Jarlen Casa Del Presa
Ursula De Casa Del Presa
Oakleaf's Star Tianna Red Star Buran
Red Star Cheetah


 Mangobull's Naughty Nadia

 Coe De Casa Del Presa Soron De Garehagua
Luma De Casa Del Presa
 Donna De Targoviste A'Popa De Irema Curto
Gita De Irema Curto




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