Nico x Nadia
Presa Litter Born December 23, 2014


10 months

6 months

This boy is crate trained, potty trained, started nosework and groundwork for Barn Hunt....loves to do everything he has been shown.....loves a ball and loves to play tug (awesome grip for just 4 months old!)

His head is very correct!

Blitzen 11 weeks

Donner (official name to be determined) with his new Dad, Wes.  He will be working on a cattle ranch

Donner 10 weeks with new ear crop

Donner 9 weeks

Donner 6 weeks 

Donner 5 weeks 7.5 lbs.

Cupid has gone to her new home in Kansas to be a companion to Jackie & her son (best job ever!)

Cupid 6 weeks

Cupid 5 weeks 6.5 lbs.

Titus (formerly Dasher) with his new big sister Tala living with the Tuppers (and waiting for a family picture!)

Dasher 7 weeks 16.1  lbs.

Dasher 6 weeks

Dasher 5 weeks 10.2 lbs.

Blitzen 7 weeks 15.3 lbs.

Blitzen 6 weeks

Blitzen 5 weeks 10.10 lbs.

Scarlett (formerly Vixen) is living in Las Vegas, NV with her new Dad Christian

Vixen 7 weeks 12.1 lbs.

Vixen 6 weeks

Vixen 5 weeks 8.0 lbs.

Atlas (formerly Comet) lives in New Mexico with his new Mom, Lisa.  Atlas will be shown and worked!

Comet 7 weeks  17.5 lbs.

Comet 6 weeks

Comet 5 weeks 10.2 lbs.

"DONNER" first born male brindle 11 days old

weighed 14.8 oz. when born and at 2 weeks 3.39 lbs.

"CUPID" 2nd born female brindle 11 days old

weighed a tiny 7.75 oz. when born and at 2 weeks 2.45 lbs.

"CUPID" face 11 days

"DASHER" 3rd born male brindle 11 days

weighed 16 oz. at birth and at 2 weeks 4.60 lbs.

"BLITZEN" 4th born black brindle male 11 days

weighed 18 oz. at birth and at 2 weeks weighs 4.80 lbs.

"VIXEN" 5th born brindle female 11 days

weighed 15 oz. at birth and at 2 weeks weighs 3.63 lbs.

"VIXEN" face

"COMET" 6th born fawn male 11 days

weighed 20 oz. at birth and at 2 weeks weighs 4.92 lbs.

COMET face 11 days

The puppies arrived December 23, 2014 between 5:50pm and 11:20 pm....4 boys and 2 girls

Pefect delivery, all puppies gaining weight and fat....Mama Nadia doing excellent job of taking care of pups!!



Nadia and Nico puppies are expected at Christmas....had planned ondoing this breeding next year (wanted to get a few more titles on Nadia) but Fertility Gods and Nico decided it would be this year.  I expect conformationally correct, confident, with good temperament puppies.....puppies that will have a good "on/off switch"

Nadia 3.5 years

Nico 7.5 years



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