JMA Matthew's Mack
Sire: JMA's Apollo
Dam: JMA Matthew's Terra
Whelped: 9/19/2018
Embark Health Testing Complete and 0 conditions found!!!!


3.5 years


UKC: Show Champion, Advanced Containers, Novice Nosework, Advanced Vehicle, Novice Exterior, Novice Vehicles, Novice Interior, Novice Container

AWTA:  Novice, Open and 4 Certificate of Gameness

NASDA:  (North American Sport Dog Association):  Multi Urban Locating Champion, Urban Challenge 1, 3 & 5, Trail Locate 1, 2 & 3 and Urban Locate 1, 2 & 3, Urban Locating II & III Excellent and he had so much fun and two High in Trial. Mack finished his Lost Item I title with two High in Trial!!,Urban Challenge 1, 3 and 5,  Lost Item II, Shed 1, Trailing Brace 1 & 2, Supreme Versatile Bronze, Versatility Bronze, Versatile Locating Silver, Versatile Locating Bronze, 2023 Lost Item 3 Invitational, 2023 Lost Item 3 #1 Patterdale, 2022 #5 Patterdale Urban Locating Master Champion, 2022 #3 Patterdale Lost Item Recovery II, 2022 #3 Patterdale Urban Locating III, 2022 #4 Patterdale Trailing & Locating III, 2022 #5 Patterdale Urban Locating II, 2020 Best of Breed Trailing & Locating 1 and 2020 Urban Locating 1.....

NACSW: Nosework 1 (3rd out of 45 dogs), Nosework 2, Nosework 3, Nosework 3 Elite and Elite 1 and working on points for his Elite 2

AKC:  Canine Good Citizen, Trick Novice (TN)

54 Titles as of May 2024


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       JMA's Apollo



     JMA's Charlie

         JMA's Dillon
         JMA's Jezebel
     JMA's Artemis          JMA's Creed
         JMA's Maverick


       JMA Matthew's Terra

     JMA's Clay           JMA's Jake
          JMA's Flicker
     JMA's Artemis           JMA's Creed
          JMA's Maverick




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