Puppies 2024 Patterdale

Rayven and Tytus
Born May 12, 2024
6 boys and 2 girls

for more information contact Robi 530-647-6289 or

First Embark clear to clear breeding!  Expecting healthy/correct temperament and good looking puppies !!

7 weeks
Puppies are being evaluated for conformation and temperament July 6 at 8 weeks of age......based on what people are requesting the pups will be recommended to their new owners at that can be chosen (only males available) and puppies are placed based on questionnaires what owners are looking for....more of working pup/companion/competition etc.....will be decided at 8 weeks.

4 weeks old (getting plenty of kid and play interaction)

Litter 2 weeks old


1 week Cayenne

2 weeks Cayenne

1 week Anaheim

2 weeks Anaheim


1 week Habanero

2 week Habanero

1 week Serrano
2 weeks Serrano

1 week Padron

2 weeks Padron

1 week Scotch Bonnet

2 week Scotch Bonnet

1 week Tabasco
2 weeks Tabasco

1 week Reaper

2 week Carolina Reaper

1 week



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